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Tampa Battery Replacement Team at Your Doorstep – Contact Us at iCustom

Your device’s battery can degrade with time. Which results in significantly reduced efficiency. If you find your devices running out of battery faster than usual, look no further than iCustom. Our customers call us the best in “Tampa Laptop Battery Replacement Team” for several reasons. Meet our team today to get the right battery replacement services for your devices.

Technician Repair Laptop

Qualities that Make Our Tampa Battery Replacement Team Second to None

At iCustom, our expert battery replacement team possesses essential qualities to ensure timely and speedy services. Besides expertise and knowledge, our team is well-versed in battery types, compatibility, and function. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable on the various types of battery forns and how to consequently improve each one’s performance.

We also understand our customers may not have technical knowledge about their devices and these processes are confusing. Our team will personally communicate with you to address any specific questions accordingly. Our attentive team of professionals can offer remote or on-site assistance based on our customers’ unique demands.

iCustom’s phone and laptop battery replacement team has experience in developing service plans for various devices and brands, including:

  • Samsung
  • Google Pixel
  • Apple phones or tablets (iPhone and iPad)
  • MacBook Pro, Air, and more

Please consult us for a battery replacement soon.

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Repair vs Replace – When to Choose Us for Cell Phone Battery Replacement?

Besides laptop battery replacement services, we can also inspect your phone’s battery. These are some signs your smartphone battery is not working properly.

 If your device only is operable while it is on a charger, that is a definite sign a replacement may be needed. At iCustom we can relieve that hustle for you quickly and efficiently.

Your iPhone battery is draining if this issue occurs several times in one go. Or you may get notifications while the screen remains dark.

Playing HD games for several hours can overheat your device. However, if it overheats even during less intensive use, it might be a battery issue. Your phone should not be hot to touch during normal day to day use.

A phone should run on average 6 to 8 hours daily. If you find your cell phone dying withing a few hours of minimal use, then the battery is not at optimal performance.

Have you noticed your screen separates from your device’s frame? It might be because of a bulging battery. This issue occur when your battery overheats. You can give our trustworthy and efficient team the responsibility of fixing this issue for you.

After assessing these conditions, we can offer an exact quotation for Tampa battery replacement or repair. Contact us soon at 813-421-4466.

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Signs You Need a Laptop Battery Replacement Services from Us

There’s nothing worse than a dead battery that ruins your work, school, or daily experience. Look no further than iCustom if your dead or malfunctioning battery affects the functionality of your laptop or MacBook. How to tell if your battery may need replacing:

  • Your laptop takes less use time (only 1.5 to 2 houses/generally, a functional battery usually provides 6+ hours of use)
  • Unexpected power losses occur
  • Charging has become slower than before
  • Your laptop is overheating easily
  • Your MacBook or laptop is older; batteries naturally with time lose their capacity

If your laptop’s faulty battery creates problems while working, reach out to us at iCustom. Our experienced and reliable professionals will come to your rescue with upfront pricing. You can get help for remote, in-store, or on-site laptop battery replacement services based on your requirements. Our team is knowledgeable in many brands including: Samsung Laptop Repairs, MacBook Pro Laptop Repairs, HP Laptop Repairs, Dell Laptop repairs. Contact us today at 813-421-4466 to speak with our team.


Our battery replacements for all devices on average take around an hour. However depending on the specific battery needed for your device it may take longer. Our team will discuss this with you based on your device.
Of course not. A battery replacement is a hardware related fix that does not involve the data of the device.
A new battery improves your device’s  performance significantly! With a longer lasting and more reliable battery you can freely use your device without worrying about it running out of charge.
It’s always better to get help from a professional team like ours. Attempting to replace the battery yourself may result in more damage to your device if removed unprofessionally. Our battery replacement technicians have the expertise to ensure a safe and careful repair for your device.
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