Phone Repair

We are phone repair experts. If your phone is broken, bring it to us and we will have it repaired it quickly.


Screen Repairs

Broken screens are really annoying. Don’t wait any longer. Bring your phone to us and we will replace your phone screen in one hour or less.


Earpiece Replacement

If you are struggling to hear voices when on phone calls, you might have an earpiece problem. Sometimes the repair is simple as cleaning dirt but we can also replace the part quickly.


Charging Port Repairs

Don’t use those funny looking workarounds to charge your phone. We can repair your charging port so you can charge your phone like a normal person.


Microphone Replacement

People will complain about not being able to hear you if your microphone is broken. We can start by trying to clear dirt from the microphone. If that doesn’t fix the problem we can simply replace the part.


Battery Replacement

Do you use your phone all day every day? A new battery can change your life. Don’t charge your phone three times a day, just bring it us and we will replace the battery in no time.


Speaker Replacement

Does your music sound muffled or has it stopped working? Speaker replacement is a simple task for us.


Camera Replacement

Don’t let a broken camera ruin your memories. We can replace your camera with ease.


Software Repairs

We can repair the software on your phone whether you accidentally downloaded a virus or failed an attempt to jailbreak it. Let us unbrick your phone.


We can fix any and all components of your phone

As our saying goes: If You Can Break It We Can Fix It. Bring your broken phone to us, no matter the damage, and we will do everything we can to repair your device.