Computer Repair

We depend on our computers for so many important things in our lives. Don’t let a broken computer stop you from doing what you love most. Most computers can be repaired or parts can be replaced. Let us take care of it!


Screen Replacement

A computer without a display isn’t fun. We can replace your broken screen in a short amount of time.


Storage Upgrades

We can upgrade your hard drives to increase your storage space. We can also upgrade your storage to a lightning fast SSD drive.


Data Recovery

This is just the worst. If you can’t find your valuable documents or pictures, immediately bring your computer to us and we will do everything we can to recover your files.


Charging Port Repair

Computers see a lot of wear and tear. We can repair your broken charging port and have you working soon again.


Thermal Paste Replacement

Is your computer heating up too much? You might need a simple thermal paste replacement. Bring your computer to us and we can cool you down.


Battery Replacement

Batteries wear out over time. We can replace your computer battery quickly and have you back on the road.


Memory Upgrades

Give your computer a major performance upgrade by adding more memory. After we are done you will immediately feel the difference.


Software Upgrades

Want the latest version of Windows, MAC OS, or MS Office? We can help you properly install any software that you need.


Virus Removal

Viruses are dangerous and can steal from you, don’t be taken victim! Immediately bring your computer to us so we can completely remove that horrible malware.


We can fix any and all components of your computer

As our saying goes: If You Can Break It We Can Fix It. Bring your broken computer to us, no matter the damage, and we will do everything we can to repair your device.